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I'm new...

Hey, I'm Meghan, and I'm 15. This past summer I was clinically declared depressed. I've been taking 20 mg of Prozac everyday in the morning, and so far it's been working. Not much cutting, very little thoughts of suicide... but I do have some complaints.

First of all, is there anyone out there who, when they first started taking anti-depressants, felt overly happy all the time, like you couldn't stop smiling? That happened to me. For a couple weeks, all I could do was smile. It was pretty annoying. I call it the honeymoon phase of medication, because you feel all good and happy with the world. Then when I got used to it, my emotions kind of settled back down.

Sometimes I'm embarassed that I'm actually a happy person now. I mean, I have more confidence and I'm more outgoing. I can't stand perky people, and sometimes I find that I'm being perky myself! Of course I'd take my meds versus being depressed, but the emotional rollercoaster is excruciating.

That's all for now.
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